Why get a hobby?

Why get a hobby?

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get a hobby africoutureAm sure you have an idea of what a hobby is, but if you don’t here it is…

“A hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm or amateur past time that is undertaken for pleasure and relaxation”. It can be an indoor or outdoor activity. Research shows that hobbies have great physical and psychological benefits. Some include;


•Hobbies like dancing, jogging, hiking, swimming and other sports helps get you better fitness as well as allows you to get out, get some fresh air and also enjoy your environment.

•Hobbies that involve concentration like chess. Scrabble, golf etc, keeps the mind active in a “state of mind flow”. •Hobbies helps people get over stress and other negative emotions by taking their mind off it as when concentrated on your hobby, your mind is off every other thing and you just relax and get into it.

•It also helps people feel more fulfilled, content and happy when their lives or jobs aren’t.

•Hobbies like singing helps to exercise the vocal cords. •reading, writing, scrabble etc, helps widen our knowledge of certain things

•Generally hobbies help keep the body and mind active and is especially recommended for the elderly and bereaved..

Still need more reasons to get a hubby?

Even your favorite celebs have hobbies.

•50 cent loves to box, ever since he was a kid.

•Tom Cruise loves to cook

•jennifer Lopes loves yoga and shopping(no wonder she’s always fit and relaxed + winning sexiest woman award) •Ronaldinho loves karoke (now that’s surprising)

•Cameroun Diaz loves snowboarding even though its risky and damaged her nose once.

•Iyanya loves to work out

So if after all these you don’t have a hobby, Get one today!!!





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