Empower yourself… Part 1

Empower yourself… Part 1

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Before this time, transactions were made by “trade-by-barter” where you’ll use what you have to get what you want. But today, we have a better medium of exchange which is MONEY.
The principle of using what you have to get what you needs still applies as we can now use money to buy food, clothes, houses etc. But let’s think about services rendered, we pay people for services(their skills put in use)  rendered to us. For instance a CATERER is PAID to BAKE CAKES, we pay a MECHANIC to fix our car problems, in both cases you paid someone because you needed their help or services, because they know how to do something you don’t  right?
But wouldn’t you like to be the paid one?
To have a skill people would need you for?
To be able to name your price, get paid, and be rich… All without someone to boss you.
Well here’s how.

1. Acquire a skill today and make your business. Let people pay you for your skillful service.
There are many skills you can learn some of which include

• Catering
• Sewing
• Bead and hat making
• Make up artistry
• Event decoration
• Furniture making
• Electrician
• Mechanic
• Driving
• Drawing art pieces and making sculptures
• Shoe making, etc.
All these can get you paid. As long as you are proficient in it. No skill is insignificant or gender based.
Ever heard of bayo haastrup, he’s a renowned make up artist and he’s a “guy”, other renowned make up artists are Banke Meshida of FACES and Tara Durotoye of HOUSE OF TARA. Olatunji Samuel who won best stylist of the year, also a guy. What about “LADY KWALI, Nigeria’s most famous potter and many others too numerous to mention famous for their skill. They have beaten the odds, learned a skill and are making their way up in life.

Lemme share a story that talks on the important of having a skill…
There were two men who had stores close together, one was marketing furnitures while the other made furnitures by orders and sold them. One day their stores got burnt and everything with it, they were both broke and jobless. But one day, the one who makes furnitures was picked by a company and given a contract worth millions to make furnitures, supplied with the tools, warehouse and other benefits while the other who had nothing he could do went packing to his village empty and hopeless.

You can’t just build a house by just thinking about it. Just because you have 200,000 and you need 1milliom to build doesn’t mean you can’t start unless the money is complete… Start from somewhere, you’ll get to your desired height.



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