Empower yourself… Part 2

Empower yourself… Part 2

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  1. Market your skill

This involves getting people to know of the services you can render, that is after you’ve gotten proficient in it.

For starters, you can start with your family members, offer your services to meet their need for free so there’s no panic over a guarantee or meeting their money’s worth. Bake a cake for a relative’s birthday, fix someone’s car, decorate at someone’s event, make someone’s hair, the list goes on and on.

Whatever you can do, do it and do it well.

If they’re satisfied with your work, they’ll tell their friends, neighbours, colleagues… And these people when they’ve come in contact with your work, which they’ll pay for of course will also help publicize it…. Imagine all those people advertising for you, with the chain going on and on you’re bound to come in contact with an upcoming or a big shot celebrity one day and by then you’ll be confident in your skills so it’ll be nothing but recommendable. But if you insist on your first try being with a celebrity, be warned if things go wrong you’ve killed your career before even starting it, that’s why I recommend family and friends first to build your confidence and experience and if anything goes wrong, it’s easy to start over.

Another important point to note in marketing your services is locating the right market for your services, by market I mean enviroment. You can’t hope to excel as a mechanic in a place where nobody owns a car or be into repairing generators where there’s constant power supply so no need for generators, or an electrician where there’s no power supply hence no electrical devices and so on.

Then maybe when you’ve attained a certain level of recommendations and positive experience, you can then take your business online. Maybe have a website or a facebook page which should be known to your customers and watch them advertise it for you and making your business spread beyond its current environment.


And before you know it you’re famous and well to do, just like that……


by gladys iyalla



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