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In today’s world where everyone is diving into the world of fashion at the rate relative to the speed of light, it is noticeable that not everyone who is into fashion are eventually successful. The laud able income, fame and popularity are the eye catchers those who loves to go into fashion nowadays are mostly attracted to.

challenges faced by fashionista africouture 2This behavioral trait has made lot of fashion enthusiast only aware of the shiny and attractive gold and neglecting the loveable time it spent with the goldsmith. The hurdle to come up with the best fashion sense is very tasking but after making it big in whatever you passionately love, it is rather synonymous to walking through the rain to complete sunshine.

 In this view, a brief compilation of challenges faced by fashionistas are reviewed.

• LACK OF FUND: Although little capital is required in setting up your own fashion line, beauty school, etc yet this pose a major barrier to the career of most fashion enthusiast because all fingers aren’t equal. Meanwhile, people need to be aware that lot of measures has been taken by the government and can be taken by individuals to curb this. Government has put in place low-interest based grants for youths who are ready to be empowered by the world of fashion. Individual should also be aware that little drop of water makes a mighty ocean i.e. savings are very important while planning to have a business of yours. You can also derive income from friends and family (that’s if you have one )

• INPROPER PLAN/BUDGET: Another phenomenon to be taken into consideration is proper plan. Who on earth thinks a house without a foundation can stand. Try to be an architect of your own life. Draw out your plans for your business and plan it as though it’s a life-time business, never underestimate your dream.

  •             STEREOTYPED IDEOLOGY: Africa mindset are biased in the sense that they believe fashion is made majorly for females which has been a major set back to the opposite sex.


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  1. In everything, feedback is important even in fashion so you’ll know when if its a “got to have it or lose it” swag you got on.

  2. This is a nice writeup it truly states the realistic inconvEniences and challenges faced by the fashionist in Nigeria bUT its so lugubrious that govErnment has shown no concern to this…Sir we look forward to u stating ,hihlighting and to elucidate us more about the possible solutions

  3. Dear Tayo, Thanks for your comment. I will surely work on that…

    1. Comment…you’re welcome…

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