Naturalistas : 3 sure ways to get a good trim

Naturalistas : 3 sure ways to get a good trim

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90f27928fae8bc259b88c64bdad02a02Hi, Fashionistas.

Today is really going to be a good day, and I can almost smell it already. Today is the day we give some of you – our most beloved naturalistas – some hints on how to keep looking chic while keeping it 100% natural.

Today, we are going to give our naturalistas the best three ways through which you can go about trimming your hair and keeping your kinks and all in check along the line.

1. Surface Trim / Dusting
This method just removes very little of your hair and it is especially important when you do not want to reduce the length, just smoothen out the edges.

Make your hair into a large section of four heaps. Treat each section individually and make them into even smaller sections, holding the tips of each small section to a light. Trim off only those areas that you can see and voila! Done.

2. Check and Cut.
This method is much more suitable for those that are just joining the naturalista race. Carefully look for the split ends in your hair and cut them off, simple as that.

3. Braiding / Twisting Method
As the name implies, this requires you to first braid or twist your hair (as your hair allows you maximum freedom to) and then trim off all the stubborn split ends.

So naturalistas, that’s what we have for you today. Stay kinky!



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