ANGEL INCOGNITO – safe haven

ANGEL INCOGNITO – safe haven

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Eyes wide open, I feel so much pains all over my body. I must have been out for hours running in circles in the dream land. Probably my mind is playing tricks on me but the weird dream seemed so real.

I can’t afford to be consumed by fear of what might become of me. In the dream I was running inside a huge forest with several tall trees and at a point I would see my mum reaching out to me and no matter how hard I ran I couldn’t meet up to her and even when I tried to grasp her hands her face would suddenly change to that of one of my abductor’s then I would scream and find myself inside the forest again. I tried to sit up then I realized I am lying down on a mat made from dried tree branches covered by a damp cloth. I can’t move my leg, I tried to survey my surroundings then I noticed I was inside a bamboo made room with only a stool as furniture. My vision is blur because of the stress I have been put through for the past 24hours then I noticed a large figure standing by the entrance into the Hut. He looked very tall and shabby with large hands resting on the shield like door. I tried to say something but the sharp pain in my throat wouldn’t let the words form. I tried sitting up again then I realised I haven’t been able to move my hands at all they felt lifeless, then it dawned on me I am been tied to the bamboo made bed.
Am I a prisoner again? is this from frying pan to fire? when will this end…?

Then I heard him speak

“Don’t try to force it, you are not getting out of that bed”

“What. What is this” I managed to voice out

Without turning back he said “that is your safe haven for now, don’t try to break free u will only injure yourself, don’t try to scream, you are lucky you can still talk and it’s cos of the concoction I forced down your throat, don’t struggle, you will only feel pains.

That explains the bitter sensation in my throat. Why are you tying me up, let me go I need to run. don’t you get it, am been chased after

You are in a pretty bad shape, you can’t move in the state you are. Lay still and rest, we are safe here for now

I tried to struggle but I couldn’t break free. Surrendering, I laid back in frustration turning my face against the wall.

I really didn’t ask you to save me. Who made you my keeper by the way.

No comment from him.

I want to be out of this place. Let me go else I scream.

No comment from him.

Maybe you are even one of them just camouflaging.

He turned back and cold lonely eyes stared back at me. Then you would have been supper.

Hot tears pour down my eyes. How do you mean? I asked.

Get some rest now. You will need your strenght soon.

If only I hadn’t been so foolish. How did I get into this situation in the first place? .God! What will be the state of my parents now? How will they survive?

The man turned round to face me and I swear his face bears a striking resemblance but I shrugged that off. It can’t be. That person should be 8years dead now. He is tall, very tall and huge with a long bushy face from overgrown beards. He looked like someone that hasn’t had a bath in a long time. Still pondering on the strange man in front of me, we heard the rocket sound of several bullet from a distance. In a flash I was quickly untied, pulled up and dragged towards the door.

We have to go, he said…we can’t afford to be caught

My legs weakened from the pains I am feeling…please hold on, I can’t walk so fast.

He stopped stared deep into my eyes and said……you don’t get any of this do you, if we are caught there is no getting out alive……..shivers run down my spine as past memories flashed through my brain….my legs grew weak as I finally realised who the stranger standing in front of me is……….

to be continued

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