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Laughter erupted from the thick bush in front of us and a tall thick man with a wicked smile emerged from hiding and several others followed closely behind him. We turned trying to run but we have been surrounded by nemesis.

Emerging from the thick bush was a very huge man wearing  a cap with a rifle in his hand following him closely were several large men and a short one. In no time we were surrounded by close to twenty ugly looking men and what struck me was the familiar face of my newly found lover who brought me into this mess.I tried to talk and sensing my move to say something, John gripped my hand tightly and I sensed he didn’t want me to say anything. I looked into his eyes and I could sense he was scared but just acting brave.The man leading the troops laughed once more and others joined and gave John a punch in the stomach. I screamed as John fell to the floor flat and tried to embrace him but was rough handled by my nemesis.

Did you think it will be so easy to walk away from me like that. Did you think I would let you walk out alive. I own you, I control your  life, I am the air you breathe, your life is no longer yours, its mine and you tried to humiliate me, do you know how much I have lost because of you. Do you have any idea how much I have lost and I wont be able to get back just because you tried to play the hero.

He’s not yours, you don’t own him! Leave us alone!

I exclaimed much to my own amazement. I gulped  as my outburst made him stare at me with cold ugly eyes before he bursted out in laughter and his men followed suite.The man holding me pushed me forward towards him and I stumbled, John tried to stand but he was held back by our captors.

My my my…… would you look at that display of affection. Never have I seen such agrressive fierce outburst of emotions, John you are one lucky man. He moved towards me and tried to hold my hand and I spit in his face. One of his men tried to slap me and he raised up his hand t stop him.

Men I love seeing this kind of action in a woman. He stared at me hungrily from head to toe and I looked away in disgust,  tears streaming down my eyes. He grabbed me with his rough hands and pulled me closer against him, I tried to scream but the sound didn’t form…

I will do anything you want, John said weakly, anything you want me to do please just let her go.

Will you look at that….he said laughing. John will do whatever I want as long as I let his woman go. He bursted out in laughter while the others followed suite.Well I’m sorry John but whatever mess you were in before you, are in a much bigger one now and I doubt you would be able to pay up and this rose here is your insurance.There isn’t any letting go, there isn’t any making of demands, no negotiating, you are in a huge mess my friend and there is no getting out.

You don’t own me and there is nothing you can do to make me yours. I said staring at him in disgust.

He laughed and looked from John to me. Oh my dear but there is, there is a lot I can do.I can pull out your darling’s skin from his body, I can put him through immeasurable pain or I can just kill him off and you will know for certain you brought this upon him, you killed the young man who gave up his freedom to protect you and that makes you a selfish sick coldhearted witch from the pit of hell.

That’s not true, I am not sick you are, what do you call taking a man against his own will and trying to force me into doing what I don’t want to do.You are the sick one, you murderous sick baboon.I burst out and felt a hard slap landing on my face, I stumbled against John and he held me weakly.

Who did that….The man asked

Am sorry sir but I couldn’t take it, hearing her talking to you so rudely.

Who made you my judge or defender.Did I instruct you to defend me.You disrespect my woman, you disrespect me.

Within seconds I saw his rifle pointed at the man who attacked me and I watched as he pulled the trigger. Fear gripped my heart as the body of the dead landed beside us with his blood spilled everywhere. I stared at John and I started making sense of what he told me about his experience. He has been through so much torture and has more coming since he couldn’t escape because of me. I heard the man laugh wickedly and he said;

Now my dear shall I take you to our chamber, our friend here has a lot of catching up to do.

Have you no just killed a ma, I said

No my dear, you killed that man.

How, I didn’t shoot any one, you did.

No my dear, you are the reason that man is dead.

How do you mean and I am not your dear.

He tried to grip my hand and I forced my hand away from his grip then his men pointed their guns at John. He stared angrily into my eyes and said,

This is how it’s going down, you are mine from now on, you killed that man and you are mine.You complain and I shoot your friend here, you try to let go, I kill him. You make the wrong move and he’s dead. Whatever you do know his life is in your hands and no matter what or how you try to avoid me, it’s not going to happen. John’s  life is in your hands my dear and there is nothing you can do about it. Take it or leave it, you owe him for putting your life before his. Now shall we leave?

He pushed me forward, towards the direction of the path we’ve been running away from for days. I swallowed hard as hot tears poured down my eyes thinking of how we will survive. Tomorrow looks uncertain but no matter what, I know we will always find a way………………………………… be continued





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