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I wanted to say something,  but I swallowed my words and  picked up a spoon. He raised his hands and made a sign. Still lost in the moment , I acted without thinking of the consequence. I threw the spoon on the floor and tried to stand. Immediately he pulled out a gun and pointed it at John…i screamed as the sound of gunshot echoed in the air.

Minutes passed and my eyes are still closed, my two hands covering my ears.Afraid of what my eyes might witness if I open them.Fear gripped my heart like never before.I opened my eyes slowly, tears dripping from my eyes at the sight in front of me was disgusting Nemesis, grinning and staring at me hungrily like a beast about to devour its prey.Immediately I turned towards the sight in front of me.John was kneeling on the floor, blood all over the place and I realized the cook had been shot instead of John.I tried to move but nemesis banged his right foot on the table,I stared hard at him lost of what to say at the beast in front of me.

“You monster you demon,you heartless son of the devil….i exclaimed as I avoided his cold stare tears dripping from my you realize what you have done….you just……

Shhhhhhh……don’t stress it my love,you cannot call me any name I haven’t heard worse before but you are the real monster because you made me kill this man.

What the hell are you talking about you evil man.i asked.

I am the one made me kill this man just like you made me kill that man in the bush.You see my darling, he stands up and moves closer to me trying to hold me close but I pulled away…you control my actions,you control my emotions,I do anything for you so when I see a particular action trying to get you uncomfortable I eliminate the pain. Thats how much I feel about you.

You are the devil.I never made you take any life.i am not cursed like you.i answered boldly.I stared at john,his face was still bent to the ground and I could see his back.He had terrible scar like someone scratched by a lion.

Well my dear,argue all you want but when you reject me, there are consequences and I would wipe out the whole plantaition for you.

You are insane.I said.If you don’t let John go I would never pay any attention to you.i threatened.

He laughed out loud like what I said amused me and ringed a bell.Two guards came all from no where and in no time,the body was dragged away and the floor mopped off the blood.

Now here is how it is going to work from now on, he said,i know I have set so many rules but you my dear is a hand full, a little pain in the ass. Every time you hurt me,I hurt John.i know you wouldn’t want me to kill the good Samaritan who sacrificed it all for you or would you be so cruel, he said laughing.

You wicked,heartless…..

Shhhhhhhhh….he silenced me.Stand up….he said and immediately John obeyed.your life John is in her hands

Tears dropped down my eyes.why wouldn’t John pull this man down after all he looked bigger.why is everything looking so difficult.

Why are you doing this to me.what did I ever do to you.why is all this happening              .

Well John, that will be can go now and if I need you, I will call you.

I watched as john walked away afraid of his own life.we are in a deeper mess than we thought we are in.this man is a predator who is ready to consume us if we allow him.i stared at him in disgust.i wanted to grab him and squeeze the life out of him but I knew this was a lost cause.i watched as he walked back to his sit in annoyance and brought out his cutlery like nothing has happened.

we have a meal to devour my darling, he said.

I wanted to scream at him but I have already lost my voice.i wish death could visit at this moment but there was really nothing I could do.

Few days passed and I kept crying myself to sleep.most nights I find myself in a strange bed and my mum reaching out to me faintly in the dream.i will ask and beg the maids attending to me about john but no one answered until the day a hunk walked in to inform me a big event was to occur that evening and nemesis wanted me present.I refused to be attended to by the maids sent to me and choose to appear to nemesis in my sickly appearance.He smiled when he saw me and beckoned to me to sit near was a big play ground like a fighting ring.several seats formed a circle surrounding the fighting box.wondering what was going on I tried to ask nemesis but no answer came.all of a sudden people began to cheer.Its going down tonight, everyone echoed.

“whats going down tonight“ I tried to ask nemesis but he shut me up.Still lost in the moment I heard a roar and a lion was released into the circle.I screamed but was amazed when everyone cheered like everything was normal.

What is going on here, are you all insane,but no one answered.i held on to my sit as the cheers went on and a huge man stepped into the ring wearing a mask.still confused on what was going on I was amazed when the man fought the lion to death and everyone cheered on.The lion tore the man to pieces and everyone cheered like it was normal.the man was obviously wounded from previous battles and learning the lion called jack was also a fighter made matters more insane.

What is this I asked? But no one answered, not even  nemesis.Then all of a sudden, everywhere was silent and the bell rang twice and the door opened, a tall huge man with long hair stepped into the ring.i would recognise that face anytime…what is he doing..does he want to get himself killed.i left nemesis side and ran to the top of the line screaming his name.

John what are you doing………everywhere grew silent and I found every eyes on me…………………………… be continued



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