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I could feel nemesis eyes piercing into my soul as everywhere grew silent. I wanted to move but I felt stuck and lost in the moment. My mind flashed back to few days ago. I was on my bed thinking about the coven I was in and how I will get out of the mess I was in when she crawled into my room. She looked very frail and weak and looked very pale. she’s a tall woman with slim statue and bruises all over her body. She must have been exposed to so much suffering and stress and looked like someone that hasn’t eaten in days.Shes malnourished. She rushed into my room as if someone was after her running after her; startled I jumped from my bed and rushed to the door scared of someone barging into the room after her. At first I was lost because I had never seen her face before then I pulled her close and tried to settle her in to calm her trembling body. She was the lady that was sent into my room to call me the day John escaped been shot by nemesis. I would recognize her cold eyes any day, anytime. She had the same tattered appearance as the last day. When I was certain she had calmed down, I sat gently beside her to listen to her words. She said,

“I have been in this pain for close to three years now. Three years of pains, three years of suffering and baby! I have lost count of how many abortions I have done. I have been trampled on. It was my doing. If I had listened I wouldn’t probably be in this mess but my pride and disobedience and love of adventure got me in this seems he has a special liking for you because I haven’t heard screams from your room yet. You have been here how many weeks?

I have lost count, I said…I can’t remember the number of weeks because they seem like forever..

He has a special liking for you. I had my first abortion while I was two months here.

Two months! I screamed but she quickly covered my mouth with her hands for fear of been noticed.

Please I beg you, if I am caught missing I will be whipped and I don’t want to go through that situation again.

I grabbed her hands in assurance of my secrecy and as a comfort to smooth her worries. She continued,

“You are the first I would see that would survive from been touched. Seems there is something about you…

I don’t care whatever he tries to do to me I would resist. I said.

My dear it’s not that simple, she said.

Why do you say so? I asked

It’s because he would use what you care about the most to torment you and I am sure you wouldn’t want to fall into his trap. I Just hope you find your way out of this. I wasn’t the first or second woman, neither was I the last. Countless have died, the last I witnessed, a lady hid her pregnancy for 5months and when she was found out the baby was aborted. She bleed to death.

Why is he so callous and wicked? Was he always this way?  I couldn’t imagine any human being this callous and devilish. I asked to know why he and what this place was. Why I hear uproar every night and why I have lost my peace.

“When I came in I tried to run away too. I tried several times but I always got caught. On one occasion I meet a cook who told me all about nemesis and why he is a danger to himself and mankind. Nemesis never came to own all this wealth but his ancestors where rich men who derived pleasure in hurting people. While he was young one of his butlers revolted and killed his parents and he was kidnapped or taken along. Tortured for many years, he was sold from one kingdom to another. They were two slaves. He saved up enough to run away but his friend didn’t have enough. He waited for his friend to have a lot in his savings but unknown to him his friend already involved the kingdom officials, nemesis was caught but his friend escaped. Nemesis wife and children where shot in cold blood and he sworn to revenge on his family and destroy as many lives as possible. I don’t understand his obsession with John and his connection with you but I just want to be free”

It wasn’t his fault I said, trying to make lots of excuses in my brain for all the emotional and physical abuse I have been through this past few months. I finally found my voice and asked. Why is  he torturing person. What is this place?

To my own understanding this is his revenge haven. He loves hearing people scream and I also heard a certain network sponsors his activities.Hes building up soldiers, and they are attacking a country they are planning. John is his own main soilder; He won’t kill him but will hurt him badly in order to make him do what he wants.

I stared at the woman in front of me and tried to make sense of all I have heard and all I could think of was an escape root out of the situation I was in. How will I escape? I asked but no answer came to mind. The Genesis of nemesis wickedness has been exposed and all I could think of was the evil in front of me. I Realised I was still standing in the middle of the uproar and the fights had ended. John had won. Nemesis sat staring at me with so much lust in his eyes. He stood up from his sit and walked over to me.

You look so beautiful in your dress, he said. He tried to give me a kiss but I turned the other cheek suddenly I felt a hot sensation on my face and I stared at him as I landed on the floor…

He shouted for one of his men and one came running. Take her to the common room he said. No food or water for three days and no visitors. I am too kind and I need to teach her a lot of sense..

No matter what you do to me, you will never have me! I screamed as the man pulled me away forcefully into a dark room and slammed the door before I could say any word……………… be continued



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