ANGEL INCORGNITO………………..grieve

ANGEL INCORGNITO………………..grieve

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I was locked up for a while before I was released by John himself. There was something different about him. He looked more aggressive and that softness in his eyes are gone. I wanted to ask what was going on because the occurrence of the past two days seemed confusing to me. In fact, everything still feels confusing to me. he was acomplined by one of nemesis trusted men. I had bubbled up emotions of anger, sadness and bitterness as to the reason why he hasn’t made any attempt to come talk to me and why he could subject himself to been treated like an animal by nemesis.I reassured myself  that probably he was only putting up a serious font so as not to attract any attention and he is working out an escape plan for the both of us. I stopped walking when I realized I was been lead to nemesis room, confused  at what was going on, I stopped walking and John stopped, avoiding my gaze.

“I have been worried sick.I have been so worried that you surrender yourself because of me. All the torture and the pains and for what, so you can become one of his monsters. I am still confused as to what is going on, where we are, what he wants from us and what is going on and you are now one of them”

Without response, John turned after he signalled to his accomplice to drag me down. I refused bluntly to move, jumped at john, hitting him hard on his back. He held my hands roughly and stared hard into my eyes. Eyes with a mixture of pain, hunger and hopelessness.

What happened to you? Why wouldn’t you fight this?

It’s not time, he said and turned back while his accomplice angrily pushed me forward towards nemesis room.

We entered what seemed like a palace. The interior was nothing like I have ever seen has a golden master bed and exquisite furniture. The décor is unique and had a smell of fresh sweet scent. Nemesis wasn’t inside the room and I wondered if we weren’t lost inside his world because all he seemed to possess was bitterness and ugliness and this site is nothing compared to that. He entered the room from one of the doors and smiled. How can one man smile while inflicting pain on another human?

Oh you are here. He said while taking his sit on the settee. I don’t understand why you are proving stubborn; Not to me anyway because I can have you if I want to anytime but I am too tired of having it all easy. I think I am enjoying this and I would love to see how far you can put up with the charade. Just so you know there is no getting out. It’s either you agree to my world or you die. I don’t care about you and I would hate it if you cared about me too. I enjoy been hated. You aren’t the first and you wouldn’t be the last. I choose you before you were brought here. Before John saw you I already did. He busted out laughing while the room was as silent as ghost town.

I was Lost of what to say, I stared at the devil in front of me.

How do you mean you knew who I was before John saw me. i don’t understand? I asked

You see, whosoever I want I get. You think your been here is a coincidence? No it’s not. I have been monitoring you for years now. You see I have a rare medical health condition that affects my having a surviving son. They all die at birth. You are my only match so far. It doesn’t mean I can’t find another; I picked a sudden interest in you. You would think your lousy boyfriend really loved he never did and he sold you to me for 50gold chest. Funny isn’t it. People deal in currency now. Well he didn’t live to spend the profit. I killed him.

I screamed and tears poured down my face.

No my dear don’t waste your tears. You will need it. You are reluctant and I need doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hate me. i need the assurance that you aren’t looking towards leaving the four corners of my world.

Still trying to process what he just said, he signalled and I could hear familiar voices down the hallway. Two old aged couple entered the room and I suddenly recognised my parents. I tried to grab them but we were separated and held by different four hefty men.

Please I beg you. I said, I promise to be yours forever, let them go.

What is going on. Ruby what is this place, we have been so worried, what is going on. I said at my parent and was lost of what to say. They looked older and radiant than the last I saw them. My mum looked so beautiful. I was scared as I wondered what nemesis was about to do.

Isn’t this wonderful, he said. Nemesis walked in between us holding a gun, he grabbed my hands and placed the gun therein.

This is an amazing reunion isn’t it.You get to see your little girl one last time and you have the assurance she is well taken care of. Now my dear, wouldn’t it be wonderful to bury your parents yourself don’t you think it’s fair enough I give you the opportunity.

Please I beg you…don’t do this. I will do all you want. John Please beg him..

My mum was screaming and my dad shocked at the scene in front of him. I was lost between pain and confusion and I made a decision too quick, I pointed the gun at my stomach and pulled the trigger and no shot sounded. Confused, laugher erupted in the room from nemesis and his men except john.

You think I would so stupid. You my dear is so predictable. I read you like the palm of my life you are not getting out of here so easily.

Please don’t do this; please I will do whatever you want. Nemesis smiling brought out another gun from his pocket and shot my parents. I watched as they both fell in cold blood……………to be continued



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