ANGEL INCORGNITO…………..lost in pains

ANGEL INCORGNITO…………..lost in pains

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I watched in dismay as my parent fell in cold blood. Up till this moment I have called nemesis several terrible names that I have cooked up in my head but nothing can be compared to the pains I feel now. I feel like the one dyeing. I feel shallowness and emptiness and I feel like all hope has been lost. I collapsed to the ground in frustration covering my face with both hands as the tears kept pouring like rain drops from my eyes. My vision was blurred but I could see the pain in Johns eyes.He could feel what I was experiencing. My gaze was fixed on hi, not on nemesis and he could read the surrender in my gaze. I had given up finally. Nemesis men tried to pull me up but I struggled and he gave the command for me to be left alone after which he strolled off whistling like nothing had happened.

Let her grieve, I heard him say….by tomorrow she will be fine. Just call in the doctor to do a check-up and give her proper sedative. She will be alright. He strolled away like nothing had happened.

I slept like a baby that night and I must have been out for days because the events following the following days felt like a dream. I wonder how someone can be so cold. I never saw nemesis for almost a week it was as if he totally stayed away from me and it was better for me because the more I gazed into his eyes the more I felt the pain and horror of my parent’s body in cold blood. One of those nights John practically sneaked in to see me, he was very sad and he told me to pretend like I had accepted nemesis because it was the only way I could totally gain control over him and plan my exit. He knew it was going to come to this, all nemesis cared about was a heir and he will stop at nothing to get one for himself. Nemesis has destroyed many lives and he keeps acquiring wealth and substance for himself all over the world. He was rich and famous but totally empty because he derives pain from seeing people suffer. I asked John why he hadn’t made another attempt to be free but he said if not for me two things would have happened, He would have taken his own life or totally escaped from the chains he was binding him. I felt remorse for the internal torture he was going through but notwithstanding he should have defended me. He should have made an attempt for nemesis not to have hurt my parent and even if nemesis succeeded I would know he tried. Every time I attempt to take a stroll I see a young girl looking sad and unkempt and I notice eyes watching me. I could smell the bitterness in the whole plantation. More days without seeing nemesis passed until a night when I found myself in a large bed and I found myself surrounded by maids and a funny looking man in big glasses. I tried to scream but I was pinned to the bed…

Is she going to be alright she looks extremely pale why she wasn’t cared for while I was away….i heard nemesis questioning voice.

I wanted to speak but couldn’t say anything, my throat was pale and sore and I felt so much pain in my body.

Don’t try to sit up, the funny looking man said….you have been through so much shock this few weeks and your body is finally reacting.

Who are you…I asked

I am Doctor Sam, he said. I have been specially assigned to care for you till you are well.

Nemesis moved closer and tried to touch me but I slinked more into the mattress to avoid his touch….Don’t touch me u monster! I snapped…

Why my darling…all I care about is your welfare he said with so much sarcasm…

Don’t touch me! I screamed and the doctor intervened…

Perhaps sir, its better you allow her rest at this time I think the least she needs right now is anything to get her upset she looks so frail and tiny and I am afraid if not  properly taken care of she might not last….he said avoiding nemesis gaze and stammering like someone been held to ransom.

Not shortly did nemesis leave the room when the doctor whispered something to the maid beside me, quietly they closed the door and the doctor leaned closer to me and whispered into my ears. We don’t have more time. I am with John, I see what you have been through and if you are going to be free you have to trust me and do exactly whatever I tell you too.

Can I trust you, I asked….he said the question is “do you trust me because if we don’t do something you will die here”

We? I asked….John walked in through something like a closed door behind a curtain inside the room….

He meant him, Martha and i …..John said with so much concern and I felt a sight of relieve on seeing him again………….to be continued



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