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Nigerian Music is sitting on a time bomb

Music is running in the blood of brothers, Apex and Bionic who were signed to JFK Resolute Entertainment. During a recent interview, the duo explained the trends in the contemporary music industry, what it takes to break in to the international market and how to cope with the competitiveness in the industry.


When asked how they intend to cope with an average big song lasting for less than a month

Apex said, first of all, I will say its hardwork we have to put in a lot of hardwork to get positive results, secondly you have to be original those people that have being listening to you from the scratch will be able to pick from what you’ve being doing. For us we hope for the best to get what we aspire for, as for being distinctive from every other person, creativity should be considered first, I know the hunger everywhere is different but the drive here is massive, its fire from here, there’s no stopping a lot of work still but lets go.

On what could cause a split between them as we’ve seen in history of music group

Apex explained that, I have this knowledge that there could be conflicts or disaggrement but the way you curb it when it comes. The fact that we are all human being, we are not perfect so it depends on how bad you want to have a good relationship. It happens everywhere even in husband and wife and life generally.

Bionic further buttressed him, let me chip in something, basically we grow up together, we have been together for more than twenty years. Fine we have personal issues behind the camera and we are still together right now so, what makes anyone thinks in the next how many years we are still gonna have issues. We are blood and you know blood is thicker than water.

On music family break up, they were asked about P-Square

Apex explained that there is a different between the two siblings and they never split it was just a conflict. well Apex and Bionic are not p-square. Even before anything could happen between them, they have been doing this for more than a decade and no one hear anything about them except for one issue that just happened and they are still together now so, what are we talking about? Even marriages break up and they still come back. So, all these are just normal life.

The duo further explained that they started their professional music career in Benin then to South Africa before they are finally settling in Lagos being the hub of entertainment in Africa.

Yeah, we came from Benin but we had a stop at South Africa first before coming down to Lagos. We did a song that was big over there in SA that featured in the top thirty Africa chat. After that we decided to come down to Lagos, Nigeria to check out the market because here is the central of African music and since we are Nigerians, we decided to come back home to see what’s happening and so far, we are grinding and in a short while I believe everyone is going to see all the hard work.

When we were still around in Benin, we had two videos, Just The Other Day and Oshere. Then we went to SA to do some music with DJ Maphorisa then we came back home to get really serious with the business. So, now we are here and we aren’t going anywhere.

On Nigerian artistes exploring the international market, Apex said, I think Nigerian artistes are doing well globally. They are setting the standard which is a good thing. The Nigerian artist that is doing well presently is Wizkid. So, I think the artist that are following up should be able to withstand more than what Wizkid was doing when he wanted to achieve that because right now the market is open its going to be a lot of work. I think people are worried about appreciation of their music elsewhere so that’s kind of slowing a lot of things down because some people are already cueing into the good music sounds, foreign instrumental, so soon everything is gonna blow because Nigeria music now is like a time bomb as long as Nigerians keep working hard, the whole market will just be like a playground.

As par what determines a big song, Bionic said in my own opinion, I think it’s the fan base, natural crowd love and street credibility that makes you a big artist. If you have a song that when you are performing, the fans can respond to it %100 or when you are walking on the street and the someone will see you and be able to vibe with your song, if you don’t have that street notation you can’t pass for an A lister.

On the previous projects and new ones, we released a 10 track EP last year September where we have the likes of DJ Maphorisa, Tripple J and others. Before then, we had three singles and now we five videos already. So, we have thirteen songs in total and we are still looking for couples more before the end of this year.

Watch Apex & Bionic – ‘Get Down’ ft DJ Maphorisa [Uhuru] Video Below:


DOWNLOAD & LISTEN TO Apex & Bionic_Mayan-Calm-Down




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