Desperate lady proposes to boyfriend on bended knee

Desperate lady proposes to boyfriend on bended knee

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The unnamed woman and her boyfriend appeared to be leaving the mall after a date when she dropped on a bent knee, extending her heart, hopes and wedding ring to a man in black, thought to be her boyfriend.

Passersby on the ground floor of ICM, the scene of the unusual proposal, quickly created an opening, hoping to bear witness to the beginning of some magical wedding story but they’d ultimately be disappointed.

Itwas meant to be a romantic proposal and stirring fairytale quickly took an embarrassing turn when the boyfriend stalled for a moment and later asked the kneeling babe to get up.

The lady apparently couldn’t bring herself to do so, and continued holding on to the engagement ring, the symbol of her extended love to the man who looked like he wanted none of that.

The guy would later come to raise her from the ground after several moments of wagging his finger in disagreement.

In the end, the guy walks off in the clip, leaving behind a hysterical, sobbing girlfriend.



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