Opinion: A Month after, Ire Iterates Adekunle’s Deserved Golden Moments

Opinion: A Month after, Ire Iterates Adekunle’s Deserved Golden Moments

By Ebenezer Adaramodu Zerry
Barely a month after Omoba Adekunle Kosoko, pka Adekunle Gold released his latest single, Ire – Goodness- understandably still looks  freshly minted and it has been a golden call of extravagant golden moments in the life of this extraordinarily blessed musical icon – a legend in the making.
As a fan, you will be surprised to know that Adekunle’s journey into the music industry is almost a decade albeit not on a rollercoaster, but he has been active since 2010, before Shade ( a cover of One Direction’s Story of My Life) blazed the trail for golden moments through musical refix efforts by PheelzOnTheBeat to put the royal diadem on the YBNL toaster once dubbed “king of Photoshop”.
Without much ado, the golden moments was established through his official sophomore single, Orente and he has refused to drop his legs from the pedals as he keeps dropping hits back-to-back. From Ready to Pick Up, you just wanna plug your handsfree into your gadgets and bury your mind into this musical therapy.
With all these hits, fans couldn’t get enough of his musical prowess, he promised and gave them a Long play (LP) through a goldplated album titled Gold. Sure, it was gold and a golden moment for his fans. 
Work came in handy, reminding his fans that taking the daily job serious is the most paramount and “butter no be for monkey oo, you sef wan do big boy? Work o, work o”.
He gave his fellow industry mates few sticks and notes of wisdom that trash can don’t make good vibes and rhythms. Adekunle is a lover boy, who doesn’t want to be friend zoned, and has not hide his feelings for Simi or vice-versa, these two have many things in common (check their debut albums and you will be cleared of any doubt). 
He also created awareness for mental illness through love, that even pills wouldn’t do enough, perhaps, a nurse’s touch or needle would be needful.
He has found his paradise, joy and he is not ready to leave, saying, ” ibi ni maku si, omo mi o lole mooo” (here is my paradise, I am ready to die and I’m not going home).
The album is Gold and it will remain gold forever. Kudos to YBNL boss, Olamide Baddo, who didn’t interfere with the features and production of this album.
That was the start of the journey to golden moments through YBNL.
Now with the 79th element, Ire came alive and Adekunle furred himself as a prophet or perhaps, a “motivito” – motivational speaker, calling on all and sundry, revealing to us that greatness and goodness lie within our climes and at our doors knocking to come in.
What a deserved golden moments for a man, who has won every award he was nominated. He once said his genre of music, Urban Highlife, is “a wholesome spirit, native roots and music that speaks to the world.”
And here is how a king is being worshiped on every golden moments:
“Adekunle Omo Kosoko 
Adekunle Omo Kosoko
Oje Goldi
On ya Goldi
On wo Goldi
Bere bere to be fe wo Zanotti.”
You need translations? Don’t worry.
Ire just got a French cover.
This review is aptly for every lover of good music, Adekunle’s fans and the newly incarnated ones to continually bask in the euphoria of this golden moment as we await Gold’s sophomore album.
Ireeeeeeeee oooo.



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