Introducing Rasaki Gist – Makeup or Breakup

Introducing Rasaki Gist – Makeup or Breakup

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I welcome you all to the first episode of Rasaki Gist on Africouture TV.

So Alhamdulillah, like I said yesterday what’s worth doing is worth doing well. While having fun yesterday, so many Messages came in in different codes. (shades, advice, make-up & Break-up)

I appreciate you guys!!! I was just basically having fun and seeking justice at the same time but God’s plan!!!

Today I present to you #RasakiGist💭

Hello #RasakiGist, keep me anonymous.

I need your advice.

My babe and i has an issue regarding me hoeing. I sent her a conversation between me and my guy. I’m the screenshot my guy talked about me reducing the way I hoe since I have a fine babe. It was even jokes. So I felt I could share with my babe o. Bro, my relationship has been on fire since she saw the conversation. First she was pretending like it’s nothing. But now ehn the thing pass my power

Advice pls

Here are the few responses we gathered from Rasakians worldwide.

Kindly read through;

Rasakian 1: First thing first. You can’t show a babe sth like that. You could make her talk to him, but no raw evidence bro.

Secondly. The only way to kill fire is to return fire with Fire.

Try and talk to babe. Ensure her and all. If she don’t wanna listen. Be the bigger person. And if she thinks that she has weyrey. You got her dirty pad? Bring it outside. But this should be last resort.

Chefs mehn.

Rasakian 2: The kind of relationship is sure to have been noted. And please let’s not start with serious or unserious relationships. So far there’s the commitment; it’s good.

Point of the matter is, baba was trying to clarify all that she has been fighting for and she still went on ahead to vex?

It’s takes guts for a guy to come out clean like that, and show his babe. And then, she’s justified to vex? Come on!

Rasakian 3: Na the babe fuck up
She no suppose take am personal like dat.
No relationship wey guy no dey cheat
Only if she wants to start deceiving herself..Fr her to act like dat next time,it would make the guy not to open up to her again
It’s a normal thing mydear

Rasakian 4: Break up fam
Water don pass garri
Tell the guy to stay single and celiberate

Rasakian 5: dis one head don scatter o
u dey hoe nd u tell ur babe🤷‍♂
me no get advice for dis one
na u suposse advice am ur self o ti gba ise

Rasakian 6: Na wetin dey tire me for ladies matter be dis……..a guy is trying to make u part of his everyday life by sharing gist he had with his friend….. And she fires up🤷‍♀🤷‍♀…….as far as I’m concerned if the guy was really *hoeing* he wouldn’t have sent you the screenshots in the first place….. She should take a chill pill……it’s in men DNA to cheat to find a faithful guy no easy at all……so if he at least shares information with you starting with jokes……it means you mean something to him
He should try to explain things to her and still chill for her a bit….

Rasakian 7: I really don’t know what to say on the ish but after he pleads and get tired of it
He should just ask what she wants
Ask her what he can do to mend what happened
And when she says it, he should make sure to fulfill whatever she wants. Even if its a break up

This is just the begining, read on

Rasakian 8: Dirty pad kwa???? What kind of advice is this???
It depends on the kind of relationship they have and how much trust they have between them.
For her to take it personal, he might have given her reasons to doubt his faithfulness in the past. And BTW, the guy is supposed to know the kind of girl he’s with. Some girls might just see it as a joke, while others will not.

Rasakian 9: She obviously doesn’t trust him na, like the moment u see someone’s convo with another person, get ready for the worse feeling, weda the convo is true or falso, or wareva.. She shouldn’t have doubted him sha, we girls have issues 😂. He should talk to her sha, and soothe her, Last last dem go dey all ryte.
But no more trust again sha 🙄because let’s not deceive ourselves, d trust is gone, on the girls part.. Even if she continues she’ll just be deceiving herself

Rasakian 10: He should just let her b for a while jae, she’s just vexing when she finish she’ll come back and if she doesn’t he should prolly move on, she never loved him then cause for him to show her means he was open to her and wasn’t gonna keep things from her. She’s seen a good boy it’s her choice to keep him or leave him🤷🏽‍♂

Rasakian 11: I just wan give my own, Small insult dey sha, Baba is not smart.
Person dey complain say you dey hoe you come show her screenshot of chat wey another person dey talk say your hoeing don reduce. Key word reduce insinuating that you still dey hoe. (That’s one).
Two abeg guys just need to grow up Christian na one wife God say you go marry so why the ojukokoro train yourself with bad thing and you no go fit stop am . Muslims Allah give you allawe for four but I believe he no say fornicate around assuming na marriage now you suppose inform those at home say you wan marry again not to be sleeping around.

Third it’s just tacky to not have respect for someone you are with or claim to love and have no self control. If you can’t stick to one person please let them go don’t allow the feelings grow you are damaging someones psyche ego, self esteem VERY UNNECESSARY. IF SHE SWEAR FOR YOU E GO CATCH YOU.

LASTLY cheating is not a given that its rampant only says that ppl lack integrity and self control. That lack of integrity the lengths some go to cover up, the lies etc its telling on the society today. Society can’t be full of people with no integrity and be moving forward. If you can compromise someone you promised exclusivity you can compromise in any other situation and context.

Rasakian 12: This person is just talking nonsense with so much confidence, na wa o isit English that is doing this one or what ?
No let’s look at this way, let’s assume I’m the girl yea? So I’ve been suspecting my baby and then boom! Confirmation comes in form of a chat convo between my baby and his friend ( now we all knw guys don’t lie to each other, I mean, what have they got to loose) so I’m suppose to say, “ baby God blessing you, you have doning weli well” abi? You see that my baby, and dat his friend will see hell in HD! Instead of you to hide something you are showing me! Don’t you have home training ?

Let’s assume it’s something that says, erm “bruh! You aff repent o this your girl must be doing something right o”, ehen Show me that one , I’ll cook vegetable soup for you 🤗
The thing is, no gurl wants to hear reducing, it only means he’s still doing it, if you were, you need to stop now that we are together, hence her anger o. He needs to beg her o, Cuz he won’t be happy if he sees such on her phone too. And to those pple saying “men will always cheat” unah doh o 👍🏼

Rasakian 13: All this men spitting rubbish,I wonder what the guy would have done if it was the girl that reduced her hoeing around.
Stop acting like a guy deserves a medal because he’s not cheating on his woman abeg,it’s the right thing to do.
A lady will cheat small cheating you men will carry loud speaker and commit sucide,but if it’s a man even her family will now be saying:O ma darijii nooni.its thunder that will strike his balls.

Rasakian 14: This person is same with this

Abi some ppl are stuxid ni firstly it doesn’t take guts it should be normal its ppl who are shady that have things to hide.
Second you can’t be committed and be unserious in a relationship so abeg stop confusing yourself. Be someone worth committing to before expecting commitment from a partner.

Rasakian 15: This is outrageous.
A man should be faithful to his bae. Your bae is like your mini god. You shouldn’t hide things from her. In a case like this, the guy shouldn’t have shown the girl the chat. He did. Okay, what is the solution?
Go on his knees, call her sweet names, beg her,give her the best treatment EVER. That way, he has Shown he is repentant and desist from hoeing. No girl will be happy to know her boo hoes. Talk less of him showing her evidence that he does. She is mad at him.
Let him apologize. Simple.

You haven’t heard anything, next episode promises to bigger. Hot topic, lovely contributions.

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