10 Essential clothing’s every Sexy Lady should own

10 Essential clothing’s every Sexy Lady should own

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Lovely new trends on the market, we have got just so much to pick from that we sometimes lose the whole point of it all. Well you should know that if trends were followed without a sense of directions, we will end up as hoarders with a ridiculous assortments of clothes.

10 Essential clothing every woman should own

Well, you do not have to worry about that, i have got the perfect way to begin stocking your wardrobe with the best basic essentials. This lovely things are must haves because they ensure you retain that beautiful sexy look while radiating confidence even when you have a problem in mind.

1. Black Blazers

A pair of black blazers are your best accessory. It is gorgeous and perfect for all seasons and can be paired with skirts, jeans, tights and so much more. In addition, it can be worn by all shapes and sizes ensuring you have that timeless finish to your attire. All you need is to simply find the perfect tailored black blazers that will keep you comfortable while emphasizing on your femininity and boosting your confidence.

Tips: Ensure to pick the perfect blazers makes young. Do not purchase blazers that are too long or bogus else you look too big. Even if you have got something that way that you love, Do visit your local fashion designer for alterations.

2. Little Black Dress

What’s not to love about a little black dress, it is my favorite attire and perfect for all occasions. You can wear it to wedding, picnic, a funeral or an evening out with friends. You can even pair it up with lots of accessories and smash the Red Carpet, it won’t let you down

Tip: You can go all out and get a very sassy and short statement Dress. its all about you but do not overdo on the shortness, you might want to use it at an office luncheon

3. Black Opaque Tights

Tights are comfortable and they have got this wild impression on your legs making them look endless. They are perfect as additions to a very hot piece of gown or you can have it one with a pair of blazers and T shirts. They are great for all seasons and lovely for a sexy outlook

Tips: Tights are Beautiful for all sizes, but when you are off the plus size, go for longer tights that can be tucked into a nice pair of boots, it gives you legs a longer outlook.

4. Black Con Skirt

Every Grown woman should own a pair of con skirts. It is classic and can be worn with whatever you so desire. In addition its all over you curves giving you an astonishing sexy outlook .

Tips: The best multipurpose skirt is that pair that hugs your knees without going below it.

5. White T-shirt

A white shirt is excellent for all skin tones and can be sure to add radiance to you entire attire. it is great for all sixes, can be worn on a pair of jeans, skirt or tights. You can always fetch it out, when you have got a surprise visit from that hunk. White remains a great color that flatters, not minding the stress levels you feel

Tip: Purchase a pair of White T-shirt that gives a nice firm fit without hugging you too tight to give the perfect look.

6. Classic Leather Belt

Ever witnessed a day when you just couldn’t get your pants to stay on your waist. Well it is because you haven’t the proper pair of belts. Invest in an excellent quality leather belt. It is sure to accentuate your waist and lovely on your high waist jeans to further emphasize your curves.

Tips: Every ladies favorite leather belt should be brown in colour, it is perfect that way.

7. A Statement Piece

A great sentimental piece is a your favorite support. Ensure to get a classic piece that is sure to give an added radiance to your face. Whether it is a simple dress, shirt or flattering gown, you will radiate with sparkles no matter if you have lot weight recently or are under a lot of stress

Tips: Your ideal Sentimental piece should be somewhere between elaborate and simple. it should mold your face and add sparkles to your eyes

8. Denim Jackets

Denims are timeless, they have been with us for decades and stands to stay with us for so much more. You can have it in many shades such as Camo, pastel, blue or black shades.

Tips: Getting a Denim jacket doesn’t mean you should get a pair that stands away from your frame. Your ideal pick should give you a perfect fitting.

9. A pair of Heels

Heels are perfect for all evening outfits, they are perfect for exuding a much longer version of your legs. You can get a pair of Pumps or Stilettos or what ever design yon feel to get.

Tip: The Higher the heel, the pointer the front of your shoe, the more your foot shines and the longer your legs look in heels completely displaying the best of the best in your apparel.

10. Cashmere Cardigan

A nice long sleeved cashmere cardigan of is another must have to add to your wardrobe. Cashmeres are resourceful knit wares, they are also classic and get for the warm or cold weather. You can pair with a pair of blazers or skirts or your favorite pair of tights.

Tip: Grey cashmere is my favorite Cashmere, it is timeless and sure to give you an elegant finish. Getting a longer stye that reaches as far as your hips is so much more flattering



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