Nigeria’s Economy Wont Change my Genre of Music – Jeba

Nigeria’s Economy Wont Change my Genre of Music – Jeba

As the world is revolving also Nigerian music industry is revolving. Nigeria has experience quite a number of music trends and dance steps over the years from Alanta to Shoki to Shakushaku and now we think a group of dancers are about to create a new step called KPAKUJEMU.

As the trend is moving also Nigeria artist are moving with the style but this is not the case of Jeba, a togolese Nigerian Up and Coming artist who believes he doesn’t have to change is music style for anything, not even Nigerian economy.

Here is an excerpt from our recent interview with Jeba:

My style of Music is Soul/Afro and i don’t believe anything should change this not even Nigerian economy.
My rare pattern of singing makes me standout, Afurumginaya, which is my second single says alot about me and my style.

The artist furthermore and said he is set to inspire others.

Talking about his project, Jeba gave us an hint on his forth-coming project which includes his first video shoot and his much antipated single titled Good Child.

From the first anticipated art cover, we couldn’t get a full picture of what the song is all about ,one could only sense there’s an ironical story behind it. We really can’t always judge a book by it cover as Jeba keeps us guessing and wondering what genre the song might be.

The singer and song writer later unveil little about the song with his second anticipating cover art which looks like a pre-wedding shoot. Who is the lady in the picture is she the special one?

According to our last one on one interview with him ,he said:

This song is a love song dedicated to anyone who has found love and this is specially dedicated to that special one .

Jeba also unveiled his live band in a new shoot. He says: The chordinators are fully ready to hit shows alongside jeba, believe me Xmas shows in trouble😉.



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