#Afritory: Do You Remember The Ayo Game?

#Afritory: Do You Remember The Ayo Game?

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Do you all remember the Ayo game?

It’s played not just in Africa but all over the world. Yep. Only that there may be slight changes to the layout, number of players and rules from place to place.

The board/pit and pebble game is called different names in different parts of the world, and apart from being a leisure activity, it can be used to teach life lessons and math/calculation skills.

From the Ashanti region to Nigeria, amd based on comments gotten from posts online, Ayo has many names – Ayò, Ayoayo (Yoruba), Awalé (Ivory Coast), Wari (Mali), Ouri, Ouril or Uril (Cape Verde), Warri (Caribbean), Wali (Dagbani), Adji (Ewe), Nchọ/Ókwè (Igbo), ise (Edo), Awélé (Ga), English Awari/Wari, Choro in Uganda, Philippines (Sungka), Botswana & SA (Morabaraba), Egypt (Senet), Tanzania (Mbao), Ethiopia (Gabeti), Zimbabwe (Tsoro), Democratic Republic of Congo (Sombi)
Mozambique (Muravarava)

Did you know, that the Ayo game has been traced back to ancient Egypt? Yes, it has! Pits were found carved into roofs of tombs and some sources cite up to 200 different versions of the game.
Do you miss the game but don’t have access to it? No worries, Ayo is mobile now thanks to technology.☺

Here’s a little nugget to chew on from the Ayo game:

“By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.”

Ghana proverb



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